Soccer ball sizes history

Ball is an important component of a soccer. The presence of a ball in a soccer game is mandatory and essential, because the ball will determine the result of a match and brings soccer ball good effect  for the atmosphere of the match. As a main component, ball have variety of improvements and innovations in its development experience. Beginning of 3rd century and 2nd BC in China. Soccer is played with a ball made of animal skin and and kicked into play by way of a small net. Some 500-600 years later in Japan they used balls made from the skin of deer and they named the game Kemari, while in other parts of the world namely Egypt, football is played with a ball made of linen. Put to the test your soccer knowledge plus get betting bonuses on the best sports betting sites from all around the globe.

Adidas_Telstar – In those days that the ball has yet to rule on the raw materials and sizes, game still uses a simple rules.  Then in the era of modern soccer, the ball is feasible and in accordance with the provisions introduced and applied to maintain security in the soccer game. Material for the ball use with made of leather or other suitable material while for the sizes,soccer ball have different sizes depend on age of soccer players.

bonuscornerThe first soccer ball sizes is the ball size 3, ball size 3 is used for soccer players of children aged 8 years and under. This ball size 3 has a circumference around the 23-24 inches and weight about 11-12 ounces. The second is a ball size 4. Ball size 4 ball is used for soccer players aged 8 years to 12 years. Ball size 4 has a circumference around 25-26 inches and weight about 12-13 ounces.

And the third is a soccer ball size 5. Ball size 5. Ball size 5 is ball size standard used by soccer players from ages 12 and up, including adult soccer players. Ball size 5 has a circumference around 27-28 inches and weight about 14-16 ounces. That’s a glimpse of the history of soccer ball from time to time continue to change and improvement for the safety and comfort of the match. Until it can obtain a quality soccer ball,with the materials and sizes can be found today.